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Ahlan Wa Sahlan.

Just Offroaders is an enthusiastic Dubai based Group of dedicated off-roaders who enjoy the thrill of exploring the stunning deserts throughout the UAE and Oman. Our Member’s nationalities are as diverse as is their professional fields and off-road skill levels, but all actively devote time for developing their skills and techniques for the extreme and unforgiving local topography. We are truly passionate about 4x4 and off-road driving. Each and every Just Offroadfer holds a strong adventurous spirit, which underpins our Drives that typically take us through dunes far away from the hoards of Clubs beating their way through the overused sabkhas and overrated tracks of the masses.

Just Offroaders should not be confused with the plethora of Clubs that source quantity and not Quality Members. Our friendly Club has successfully grown from direct invitations to friends and like-minded people who we know to enjoy off-road for ‘off-road’ and not for any fame, glory or financial gain.

Just Offroaders organises weekly off-road drives, regular over-night camping trips and Environmental drives to clean the desert as well. Our Family or Newbie Drives are very popular with all our families and friends who want to join either as passengers or even if they want to try their hand at driving themselves. Guest Drives offer an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and where we welcome newcomers.

Just Offroaders

"Dubai Offroading at its best"

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